National Institute of Public Health is the promoter of the project „Multi-level interventions for prevention of lifestyle related non communicable diseases (NCD) in Romania” developed within the Program RO 19 „Initiatives in Public Health”, with Ministry of Health as Program Operator and run for a period of 23 months in 2014-2016.

General objective:
Prevent lifestyle related non communicable disease (NCD) by multi-level evidence-based interventions and an integrated approach.

Specific objective:
SO1. Improve capacity in order to effectively implement preventive interventions addressed to major lifestyle risk factors (unhealthy nutrition, type of physical activity, alcohol and tobacco consumption) at primary health care (PHC).
SO2. Institutional capacity building for support of behavior change by healthy nutrition and physical activity lifestyle messages communication to children and adolescents.
SO3. Develop/ advocate for improved policy, strategy, legal and/or regulatory framework needed for sustainable action .
SO4. Ensure appropriate project management, including project / donor visibility.

The project was designed to achieve its objectives through two main components, namely:

Component A – primary health care component – aims to strengthen the previous efforts of Ministry of Health on the development and promotion of clinical practice guidelines based on evidence of Primary Health Care (PHC), in order to increase the technical capabilities of the medical staff (family physicians, nurses, medical family in collaboration with community nurses) to provide effective preventive services for those insured and uninsured in target communities.

Component B  – community health care component – is based on intervention in public health training, in order to strengthen community care for children and adolescents. Specifically, it aims to increase the capacity of educational and professional institutions (schools and kindergartens) in pilot communities to provide, in collaboration with health professionals, care for Information Education Communication / Communication on Behavior Change Communication (IEC / CBC) assistance that will promote and reinforce healthy behaviors and a healthy lifestyle from an early age.

Project budget is : 1.384.180 euro – 85% is represented by  financing from Norway Grants 2009-2014 and 15% is represented by national co financing.

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